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D E F - For EURO 4 and EURO 5 engines.
PET 10 liters: 4,18 EUR / pc.
Bulk: 0,27 EUR / liter

Windshield washer fluid = WINTER =
- 20 degrees C
PET 5 liters: 1,36 EUR / pc
BULK: 0.24 EUR / liter

- 25 degrees C : 0,36 EUR / liter
- 30 grade C: 0,40 EUR / liter
- 35 grade C: 0,48 EUR / liter
- 40 grade C: 0,55 EUR / liter

Demineralized water
PET 1 liter: 0,19 EUR / pc.
PET 1,5 litri: 0,28 EUR / pc.
PET 5 litri: 0,73 EUR / pc.
BULK: 0,085 EUR / litert.

Listed prices does not contain VAT
Use contact details to ask for your personalized quotation according to requested quantity.
Windshield washing fluid in Bulk, we sell only to companys for internal use.
Bulk price does not include the container value.
We can produce under client label or logo.
We can pack in any container as for client request.



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